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We are excited to offer a variety of prints and merchandise! 

Our wonderful printers custom make each piece just for you.

Paper Prints:

At Dreamers Art Collective, we believe in providing more than just art. That’s why our Paper Prints are unique.

Quality You Can Feel: Our prints are not only acid and lignin-free but also medium-weight, balancing durability with a beautiful soft touch. The modest felt structure adds depth, guaranteeing that each piece embodies the spirit of handcrafted art.

Exceptional Clarity and Color: Our prints are not only visually beautiful but also technically outstanding. We use a large-format inkjet printer with excellent resolution that brings every detail to life with sharp photographic reproduction. The colors are bright and true to life, thanks to 12-color pigment-based archival inks.

Durability: We all know that art is an investment. As a result, our prints are scratch-resistant, guaranteeing that they will be a focus point in your area for years to come. And what if they happen to catch a stray splatter? Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Production Time: We take great care with each work, guaranteeing that you receive nothing less than excellence. Please allow an estimated four business days for production.


Metal Prints:

We blend artistry and sustainability at Dreamers Art Collective. Decorate your area with the contemporary elegance of DAC Metal Prints. Where art dances with innovation.

Sustainable Craftsmanship: Our Metal Prints are made from eco-friendly materials and contain 100% post-consumer recycled content, harmonizing art with nature.

Surface & Finish: Enjoy art on a gleaming ChromaLuxe aluminum canvas. The print has a thickness of 0.045" and a high-gloss, dazzling white surface, delivering unrivaled vibrancy and precise detail.

Robust & Resilient: Designed for the modern space, our prints are not only beautiful but also long-lasting. The scratch-resistant, ultra-hard surface is waterproof and weatherproof, ensuring that your artwork stays the focal point come rain or shine. However, it is essential to avoid direct sunlight exposure to preserve its radiance.

Unique Mounting: All metal prints arrive with a hanger attached to the back. Each hanger guarantees that the print gracefully floats 1/2-inch off the wall, giving a stunning visual depth. 

Print technology: Our prints are precision-crafted using dye-sublimation technology, ensuring longevity and vibrancy.

Care Instructions: It’s simple to maintain the allure of your metal print. To clean, use non-ammonia glass cleaner, water, or isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. A clean, lint-free cloth is ideal for keeping the gloss.

Shipping: Shipped with love and care in the heart of the United States.



With our gallery-quality canvases, DAC bridges the gap between classical charm and modern craftsmanship.

Depth and Dimension: With a 1.25-inch frame thickness, our canvases set on a hardwood fiberboard frame provide a strong visual impact.

Artistic Fabrication: Our reproductions are made from poly-cotton artist-grade canvas, which beautifully blends the textures of polyester and cotton, ensuring vibrancy and durability. Each piece is a testament to quality, built to last a lifetime. 

Resilient Characteristics: Our canvases are more than just pretty. A scratch-resistant UV coating guarantees that each canvas withstands regular wear and maintains its charm year after year. Each piece comes with a completed backing and is ready to boost your space right away.

Care Instructions: Keep your canvas as simple as possible. All dust and debris will be removed with a moist cloth, ensuring that your artwork remains flawless. 

Precision Packaging: Every work of art deserves to be protected.  Our smaller canvases are securely packaged and covered in a clear poly bag, cushioned with corrugated cardboard for corner protection. Larger pieces are given extra attention with styrofoam-coated corners, ensuring they arrive in perfect shape.



Dive into the world of Dreamers Art Collective's posters, where each piece combines quality, color, and modern elegance.

Superb Print Quality: The brilliance of high-quality ink brings our posters to life. Every image is created in precise, clean lines, showing spectacular color and vitality, when combined with our carefully selected paper.

Material & Weight: We believe in providing options. For an artisanal touch, use our 285 gsm Textured Watercolor Matte or our 300 gsm Premium Satin. Both materials ensure that each poster is not only versatile and affordable but also a testament to exquisite execution.

Care Instructions: It's simple to keep your poster in great shape. A simple wipe with a cloth keeps it looking as good as the day you got it.

Secure Packaging: Each poster is a work of art that deserves to be handled with care. Each poster is professionally rolled and packed in a durable tube to retain its integrity and prevent wrinkles.



With Dreamers Art Collective's notebook collection, you can explore an era of precise design and terrific craftsmanship. Every page is a blank canvas waiting for your creativity.

Size & Structure: Each notebook, measuring 6.5 x 8.75", is meticulously made. It combines durability and a quality feel with a soft cover composed of 100# paper and 24# interior paper. The metal spiral binding contributes to its attractiveness while also ensuring longevity and usability.

Key Features: Front cover artistry is enhanced with UV Gloss Coating to provide vibrancy and protection. While the front features elaborate motifs, the rear is clean and simple, with a matching white spiral binding and classic square corners.

Eco-Conscious: Our notebooks are proudly SFI certified, demonstrating our dedication to sustainability without sacrificing design.

Inside Details: A spacious offering of 160 lined pages awaits your thoughts, sketches, and memories so that you never run out of space to express yourself.

Instructions for Care: Maintaining the notebook's perfect appearance is straightforward. It may be kept looking new with a gentle wipe with a dry cloth.

Print Technique: Using the most recent printing technology, we use UV Inkjet processes to assure the lifespan and brilliance of each print.

Shipping & Production: Handcrafted in the United States, we take pride in our local production. Please keep in mind, however, that this product is presently only available for shipping within the United States.


Fleece Blankets: 

Dreamers Art Collective introduces an array of Fleece Blankets that combine cozy relaxation with excellent aesthetics. Wrap yourself in the warmth of DAC Fleece Blankets, with each thread telling a story of artistry and comfort.

Superior Print: We are relentless in our dedication to quality. We use fading-resistant inks to ensure that the artwork on your blanket remains brilliant and engaging for years to come.

Exquisite Texture: Feel the blanket's incomparable softness on the reverse side. It's an invitation to sheer relaxation, snowy white, incredibly fluffy, and elaborately textured.

Design Details: The front of each blanket features high-quality color saturation, ensuring that every design detail stands out. Hemmed edges provide a sense of sophistication while complementing the velvety quality of the blanket. 

Material: Made entirely of 100% polyester, our blankets promise durability while providing an irresistibly soft touch. 

Care Instructions: Maintaining the sumptuous feel of your blanket is simple. Gently machine wash in cold water separately and tumble dry on a delicate cycle at low heat. To keep its texture and brilliance, avoid bleaching, ironing, or dry cleaning.

Pristine Packaging: Each blanket is tenderly packed in a refined grey poly bag to ensure it arrives in pristine condition.


Greeting Cards:

Greeting Cards by the Dreamers Art Collective, a fusion of sophisticated creativity and sustainable practice. Express your deepest feelings with DAC Greeting Cards, where every word you write is enhanced by exceptional artistry. 

Supreme Paper Quality: At the heart of our greeting cards is FSC-certified paper, demonstrating our dedication to environmental stewardship without sacrificing elegance.

Exceptional Features: Our 110lb Matte Cover is a tactile joy. Our cards are triple-coated for maximum contrast, ensuring that your images and artwork stand out. The careful coating not only ensures flawless ink transfer but also excellent image quality with low glare. 

Writing Suggestions: For our glossy stock, we recommend using a permanent marker to write down your emotional remarks. If you want a matte or uncoated surface, any standard ballpoint pen will suffice.

Printing Technique: We use Inkjet Digital Printing technology, which is known for producing long-lasting, high-definition visuals, ensuring that your feelings stand out in clarity and brilliance.

Packaging & Extras: Each card comes with a clean white, sealable envelope, ensuring that your personal thoughts are elegantly wrapped. 

Locally Crafted & Dispatched: Proud of our roots, each greeting card is meticulously crafted and dispatched from the heart of the United States.



Dreamers Art Collective's Mousepads are the ideal combination of aesthetics and functionality. Our Mousepads will enhance your workspace experience. A blend of art, precision, and comfort in the palm of your hand.

Perfect Dimensions: Tailored to your workstation demands, our mousepads measure 7.75x9.25", providing an adequate area for fluid mouse movements.

Print Excellence: Using the finest dye sublimation technology, we guarantee not only high-quality prints but ones that will last. Every design remains vivid, capturing the essence of our unique artworks with lasting clarity. 

Robust Construction: The top layer is made of a polyester fabric that is designed for smooth mouse glide. Flip it over to reveal a 1/4" thick neoprene open-cell rubber backing. This not only ensures stability, yet it also provides cushioned support for daily usage. 

Highlights of Design: Our mousepads are as much about aesthetics as they are about functionality. Radiated corners provide a touch of class, while the stain-resistant function keeps it looking new. The black backing improves grip while also adding a sense of refinement to the overall design.

Cleaning Instructions: Cleaning your mousepad is simple. If any spills or stains arise, a quick spot clean with a damp cloth can restore it to its original condition. 

Locally Crafted & Shipped: Each mousepad is proudly made in the United States of America. We take pride in bringing you a product that is designed, manufactured, and shipped from the United States.


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Printed to Order: As each piece is custom made just for you, please allow some time for our printers to make your piece. NORMAL processing time is dependent on the quantity of prints we have in the works. (Depending on the items you order, this can be from 2 days up to 2 weeks).

Potential Shipping Delays: Our shipping reps at UPS and FedEx warn that distribution centers are likely to get bogged down beginning immediately after Thanksgiving. This, in addition to COVID staffing issues at some manufacturers, may lead to longer production times. Please keep this in mind if you are purchasing items for holiday gifts. 

FREE Shipping: We offer FREE standard shipping within the United States only.

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