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$121.00 USD

Fill 'er Up is a charming acrylic painting that dates back to a simpler time and depicts two youthful Harley-Davidson lovers at "Ed's Garage." The painting has its emphasis on a Harley-Davidson fueling station, representing a euphoric, shared moment between the pair as they geared up their small Harley for the next excursion.

$25.00 USD

"Oprah" is an extraordinary painting in which the legendary Oprah Winfrey is clearly depicted with outstanding photorealistic precision. The work of art is so painstakingly detailed that it blurs the line between painting and photograph, a testament to its superb artistry.

$25.00 USD

Through the fascinating method of acrylic pour painting, Sea of Serenity unveils a compelling overhead perspective of the ocean. This artwork provides a sensory immersion into beach tranquility by evoking the soothing pattern of ocean waves crashing against the shoreline.