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Enter a world where imagination knows no bounds—Dreamers Art Collective is happy to provide a handpicked collection of the most unique and creative undiscovered artists. Each artist in our group has a distinct voice, a passion, and a story as compelling as their creations. Dive deeper to learn about the inspirations, adventures, and dreams that drive their artistic pursuits. These are more than just artists; they are visionaries who ought to be recognized.

Meet Holly Ellsworth-Rose: 

"After graduating from college with a BS in Electrical Engineering, I spent a few years pursuing a career in the field found myself yearning to express my creativity through my artwork. I walked away from my career and began painting portraits and abstract subject matter full time.

Then, after purchasing a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and discovering the joys and freedom of riding motorcycles on the open road, my focus started to shift into mostly creating motorcycle-related artwork. Soon after, my art was discovered by Harley-Davidson, and I became the 2nd artist in the world licensed to create artwork related to their legendary brand. Two of my original paintings were purchased by then CEO of Harley-Davidson, Jeff Blustein, for his private collection and a jigsaw puzzle of my painting "Getting in Gear" was sold at Target stores nationwide.

My next creative adventure brought me into the world of jewelry making, founding Cheeryos Jewelry. I loved to design pieces that highlight the beauty and diversity of women. I specialized in wine related themes and sold my jewelry to wineries all over the country.

Recently, I have been inspired to paint again. This was sparked by my introduction to the world of fluid art. I have fallen in love with the random, spontaneous results. They also make perfect backgrounds to my paintings.

My career has been very exciting and rewarding, however, what I am most proud of is my beautiful, kind, amazing children. They are my sun, moon and stars."

Here are some of Holly Ellsworth-Rose's Officially Licensed Harley-Davidson Paintings and Reproductions (these were painted some years ago under her maiden name, Holly Ellsworth):


Fill 'r Up Painting   
The original Fill 'er Up painting on 48" x 62" canvas, was purchased by the former CEO of Harley-Davidson, Jeff Blustein. It has also appeared in numerous publications and is also featured in Holly's painting Getting in Gear.



"Getting in Gear"  (Note: 'Fill 'er Up" is hanging on the wall in the garage. I thought it would be fun to add a painting of a painting).

The original "Getting in Gear" painting was purchased by the former CEO of Harley-Davidson, Jeff Blustein.  A puzzle of this painting was created and sold in Target stores across the U.S.  

  "Hog Dreams" Original Acrylic on Board. (Much of the detail you see was first drawn with pencil.  I then painted over the pencil with an airbrush using very transparent paint.  If you're thinking that sounds time consuming, you are absolutely right! ;-)) 

  "Classic Blue"  Original Acrylic on Paper, 20" x 30", Framed Price $9,500  (Just like the painting of 'Hog Dreams', I first drew many of the details with pencil. I then painted over the pencil with transparent paint using an airbrush.  This is the best way to achieve that 3D affect and capture the reflections in the chrome.)


Adrenaline Rush Original Acrylic on Canvas, 30" x 40": Available for Purchase

Portrait Painting Gallery 


Oprah Original Acrylic on Canvas, 30" x 40": Available for Purchase


Princess Diana Original Acrylic on Canvas, 36" x 48" SOLD 


Lauren Original Acrylic on Canvas, 36" x 48" SOLD 


Marilyn Original Acrylic on Canvas, 36" x 48" SOLD


Lennon Original Acrylic on Canvas, 30" x 40" SOLD 


Heather A Commissioned Portrait, Acrylic on Canvas, 36" x 48"


Michelle Original Acrylic on Canvas, 30" x 40": Available for Purchase


Whoopi Original Acrylic on Paper, 18" x 24": Available for Purchase


"Dave" Lithograph on Paper, 19" x 24": Available for Purchase


"Body Heat" Lithograph on Paper, 20" x 25": Available for Purchase

Meet Del Park

My name is Delbert Earl Park. I do not know what my parents were thinking. I go by Del. In the year 1915, my mother was born. From an early age she was attracted to art and was hoping that someday she would have a boy who would become an artist. In 1946, I came along and have been trying to fulfill her wish. My father was also supportive.

I remember sitting on the floor with the other kindergartners looking up at an easel holding a big blank paper notepad. The teacher stepped up to the notepad and started moving her arm. When she stepped back, a blue bird appeared. It was magic. I was mesmerized and hooked at the same time.

Using a ballpoint pen with dark green ink, I would draw tattoos of cobras on some of my male grade school companions. They looked very realistic. In high school, I did artwork for the school newspaper and yearbook. In college, I majored in art with a concentration in painting. A teaching credential and a masters degree were acquired. After college, I accepted commissions for portraits, and entered various art competitions, receiving a variety of awards. I enjoy painting in all styles, sizes and subject matter. Oil is my preferred medium.

I grew up around no form of tobacco. The first time I saw a small white elongated cylinder laying in an ashtray producing sensuous streams of smoke, something triggered inside of me. I have since drawn many dozens of stylized people the size of postage stamps and converted some into paintings. They became my “smoker’’ series. The contrast of a geometric cigarette with the diaphanous qualities of smoke provide the props, or I should say, focal points, which help make the compositions more interesting. This particular series seems to be a favorite.

I continue to paint in retirement with my wife’s encouragement, however, I am not allowed to make any of the framing choices. They are entirely her domain.

To see more of Del's art, click on the button below to visit his personal website.

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Meet Michael Ellsworth

Michael Ellsworth was born on October 7, 1938, in the gorgeous region of Salt Lake City, Utah, and was destined to paint the world through his distinctive perspective. While many were still figuring out their futures between 1953 and 1955, Michael devoted to advancing his craft through a correspondence course from Art Instruction Inc.

His academic path led him deep into the world of art, with majors at Utah State University and, later, the University of Utah, where he majored in Industrial Design. The years that followed only strengthened his attachment to the canvas. Michael received his BFA in 1987, with a strong emphasis on Drawing and Painting.

Not one to confine his artistic abilities to the confines of higher education, stepped into the corporate industry working as a Technical Illustrator for prominent companies such as Hercules and Volt Technical Corporation. Michael's main calling, however, was not to create art but to ignite the artistic flame in others. He left Yellow Freight in 1994 to pursue his Master's degree. However, he discovered that the most meaningful education lay in teaching, where he could simultaneously provide and receive knowledge. 

Michael's credibility as an artist was complemented by his involvement as an educator, from Highland High School's Community Education Program to the West Jordan Senior Center, and then at the Midvale Senior Center. Every brushstroke he taught and technique he demonstrated increased his grasp of painting more than any academic instruction could.

Michael's artworks have been displayed in respected venues such as the Augustine Arts-Art Center Gallery in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and the Fire & Rain Gallery in Folsom, California.

But Michael's vibrant life, however, was not restricted to his artwork. Michael is an explorer as well as an artist, having completed over 50 thrilling skydives and fond memories of roaring Harley-Davidson motorcycles in his youth. Now, he spends cherished hours with his ten-year partner amid the tranquil beauty of Utah. Michael's life is as well-rounded and multifaceted as his paintings. He is a devoted father to Holly Ellsworth-Rose and a proud grandfather of two. He is excited to become an artist with Dreamers Art Collective, displaying years of dedication and creativity.

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